Scouting4Peace began in 2007 as an online community for youth and scouts to gather and share their opinions on peace and the environment around.



Scouting4Peace began in 2007 as an online community for youth and scouts to gather and share their opinions on peace and the environment. The brainchild of Tarek Y Aziz, and Egyptian scoutmaster, Scouting4Peace has connected over 5000 scouts and young people on its website, Scouting4Peace Foundation's vision later expanded to include its International Peace Club program, which includes 29 clubs that work together for our mission in countries around the world. The Foundation also began holding events and gatherings to raise awareness about non-violence and the natural world. Members organize online peace concerts, plant trees, and form lasting friendships. Most importantly, they form something larger-Scouting4Peace Foundation, the world's first international scout family. In December 2010, Scouting4Peace Foundation held its first international camp in Egypt, Together for peace. This week-long peace gathering included participants from 11 different countries worldwide, who joined each other to send a message of peace to the world. Campers brought the mission of the foundation to life through scouting activities, cultural and historical tours, services and volunteering.


Since its establishment in 2007, Scouting4Peace Foundation has united both scouts and non-scouts in the name of worldwide peace and understanding. Scouting4Peace Foundation produces events and youth programs, which make the participants, learn much about subjects related to peace, responsibility, and the environment. Members also share their cultures and experiences with one another through international discussions on our website,


By fostering empathy, knowledge, tolerance and a global conscience within young people, we hope to give youth the qualities necessary to create a more peaceful and clean world.


Scouting4Peace Foundation plans to develop programs in various charitable fields including

  • Friendship between nations.
  • Mother and child care.
  • Family care.
  • Culture, Scientific, and Environmental actions.
  • Special needs care.
  • Care for street children.
  • Environmental education and protection.
  • Family economic development.
  • Human resource education.
  • Human and youth rights.
We will utilize youth and scouts involvement in order to work in each one of these fields. By using youth volunteers to help plan, fund, and carry out projects in these fields. We aim to both contribute to these fields and educate our volunteers.



Scouting4Peace holds events throughout the whole year that are related to peace and the environment. Events are designed to educate youth about current global issues. Past events have included planting trees for the United Nations' Billion Tree Campaign and celebrating International Peace Day and Earth Hour. In December 2010, Scouting4Peace Foundation also held its first "Together for peace" international peace gathering in Egypt, including members from 11 different countries worldwide and also held the International Jamboree on the Air and Internet (Jota Joti) Yearly.


Workshops and classes of science, arts, and also outdoor activities are available. These courses will build scouting-related skills in the Egyptian youth. By teaching youth these skills, we hope to enrich their day-to-day-lives, strengthen their values of hard work and teamwork, and give them talents that will lead to their successful futures. Our current round of workshops will include an aviation workshop, a scientific scouting club, an inventors' workshop, and beginner music classes for children.


The official Scouting4Peace Website,, is a place were you can build friendships and discuss topics related to peace, scouting, and the environment which makes it the heart and soul of Scouting4Peace Foundation.


  • Golden Mic Award from Scouting Radio (Ireland)
  • Silver Award from ??TS Awards.
  • Silver Knight of the Rover Order of Saint George, International Rover Association (Philippines)
  • Official Recognition from Jason Kenney, PC, MP Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism (Canada).
  • Official Thanks Certificate from Boy Scouts of Canada (Canada).
  • Number one website for scouting worldwide.
  • Mr. Tarek Y Aziz was awarded the medal of volunteer for his international role from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Canada

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Tarek Y Aziz
Founder and Chairman
01001688461 - 0110914000

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